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I'm quite new to radio collecting and have a modest gathering at the present time. If you'd like to take a gander, I have a few pictures of some of my radios… here.

I'd highly recommend checking out what I  think is the greatest antique radio site of all, AntiqueRadiosOnline. Here you can find just about everything related to radio collecting, plus enjoy some interaction with other radio collectors for restoration tips, questions about your radio including how to fix it, and be sure to visit the clubhouse forum there for our own "house blend" of radio collecting stories and humor.

It is even possible to get a much-needed schematic emailed to you from one of the helpful members at AntiqueRadiosOnline, but recommend you check Nostalgia Air first. They have a comprehensive list of schematics you can view online or direct-download and it will be faster. There's a good tube substitution chart there too.

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